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Preliminary Personalised Medicine Analysis 2016

In 2016, the Danish Government performed a preliminary analysis of the professional, technical, ethical and financial implications of a possible Danish programme for Personal-ised Medicine.

The analysis was performed under the following organisation:

  • A steering committee with the Ministry of Health (chair), Danish Regions (vice-chair), Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Ministry of Business and Growth and Ministry of Finance
  • A broad reference group with experts and stakeholders from healthcare, re-search, patient organisations, academia and industry (external chair)

The analysis resulted in the following reports:

  • Reference group input to the development of a possible Danish programme for Personalised Medicine
  • Mapping of international experiences with Personalised Medicine
  • Danish citizens’ thoughts and attitudes towards Personalised Medicine and genetic tests

In addition, a working group worked throughout 2016 to clarify the ethical and legal aspects related to the use of biological material and other personal information (data), derived from biological material, in research and treatment.

Read more about the preliminary analysis here (Danish)   

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