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Healthcare in Denmark

The publication "Healthcare in Denmark" wil provide an overview of the scope and organisation of healthcare and elderly care in Denmark.

Read more about the contents of each chapter in the publication here:

Organisation of Health and Elderly Care
Chapter 1 briefly describes the tasks and responsibilities at the different levels of government: the Ministry of Health, the regions and the municipalities, and it explains in overall terms how the healthcare system in Denmark is financed.

Patients’ Rights
Chapter 2 deals with patients’ rights in relation to treatment, diagnosis and free choice of hospital, including rules on treatment abroad. The system of patient advisers, complaint procedures and compensation is explained, and a brief overview of the tasks of the Danish Patient Safety Authority related to adverse events and patient safety is also given.

Primary Healthcare
General practitioners fill a key position in the Danish healthcare system. Their work and responsibilities are described in the Chapter 3, which also explains how rehabilitation contributes to public health overall. Vaccinations are mentioned here too.

Chapter 4 covers the hospital system, including planning and distribution of both general and specialised hospital services and emergency units. This chapter also describes the ongoing expansion of the Danish hospital infrastructure and implementation of innovative technology, the aim being to modernise the Danish hospital sector by 2020.

Elderly Care
Chapter 5 describes how elderly care is organised, including home care services, reablement programmes for elderly people, nursing homes and preventive measures.

Psychiatric Care
Chapter 6 on psychiatric care describes the new direction taken within psychiatric care in recent years with a view to reducing the use of coercive measures in psychiatric treatment and ensuring equal access and equal status for people with mental illness.

Health Promotion
Chapter 7 deals with health promotion and explains how measures within this important field are organised and implemented. It outlines specific initiatives in relation to a number of lifestyle factors, such as alcohol smoking and tobacco, drugs, nutrition, obesity and physical activity. Mental health is covered here too.

Digitisation and Health Data
Denmark has made significant progress in the digitisation of the healthcare system. Chapter 8 elaborates on some of the goals already achieved as well as on future aims. This includes the use of electronic communication systems within the entire healthcare sector as well as outpatient treatment through telemonitoring of certain diseases. This chapter also includes information on initiatives to promote systematic use of health data to support a more efficient and outcome-oriented healthcare system.

Medicines and Pharmacies
Chapter 9 describes the rules and regulations that govern medicines and pharmacies, including pharmacovigilance, procurement and pricing of pharmaceutical products as well as reimbursement available to patients. This chapter also briefly touches upon health research, including ethical issues. 

Financing of Healthcare and Elderly Care
Chapter 10 provides a more detailed description of how health and elderly care is financed at regional and local level. It gives a brief account of the annual financial agreements and a special funding system which provides financing for many social and healthcare-related projects. 

Description of specific areas 
Throughout the publication you will find a number of fact boxes describing specific areas such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases and dementia, as well as initiatives to improve healthcare, such as measures related to patient empowerment, the national quality programme, health promotion for children and prioritisation of hospital medicines.

Key Indicators
The publication includes a number of figures and tables and a separate section with key indicators on page 51.

Organisation of The Ministry of Health
A more detailed description of the agencies and authorities responsible for the Danish healthcare system can be found on page 57.

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