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EMA Candidacy

Denmark bids to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Copenhagen.

On Feburary 8th 2017 Denmark announced its candidacy for hosting the European Medicines Agency when the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

“It is important that we ensure optimal conditions for the EMA to fulfil its tasks, as patients in the EU need to have confidence in the medicinal products on the market. That is why the EMA should be located where there are strong traditions for focusing on patients with regard to safety, patient rights, and transparency.

In order to ensure patients in Europe access to new medicinal products, the EMA should be located where the Agency can benefit from collaboration and synergy with both public and private development of pharmaceuticals."

Ellen Trane Nørby
Minister for Health

Copenhagen is able to provide the European Medicines Agency with optimal conditions to perform its duties to ensure that all medicines available in the EU are safe, effective and of high quality, and to advance its mission to foster scientific excellence in the evaluation and supervision of medicines for the benefit of public and animal health in the European Union.

It has not yet been decided when a decision of the relocation of EMA will be taken


World-class research environment
Copenhagen offers a world-class research environment. Denmark is the leading country in the EU in terms of number of clinical drug trials per capita.

Innovative and vibrant life science cluster
Copenhagen is home to an innovative and vibrant life science cluster with Danish and international companies that will provide a highly professional work environment for the European Medicines Agency. Close collaboration between companies, universities and the public health sector provides an ideal ecosystem for innovation.

Strong focus on patient safety
The Danish healthcare system is characterised by a strong commitment to patient safety and patient involvement. This commitment creates a good setting for the activities of the European Medicines Agency to ensure that all medicines available on the EU market are safe, effective and of high quality.

Efficient infrastructure
Copenhagen is easily accessible with efficient infrastructure and direct flights to all capitals and major commercial cities of the EU Member States from Copenhagen Airport.

High liveability
Copenhagen has well-functioning institutions, a high level of public services, a large number of international schools, and the Danes have
strong language skills. These conditions make it highly attractive for the employees of the European Medicines Agency and their families to live and work in Denmark.

Sidst opdateret 19-06-2017

Danish Minister for Health visits Brussels to highlight Denmark’s candidacy to host EMA

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Today, the Danish government has announced that Denmark will work towards getting the European Medicines Agency (EMA) relocated from London to Copenhagen, when the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

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Copen­hagen offers the optimal conditions




Ellen Trane Nørby


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